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Hi there I’m a 18 year old guy who has been into computers for as long as i can remember. As a child i was always taking computers apart and putting them back together just because i was curious. Then when i was in my high school i found out that there was a robotics club (FIRST Robotics Team 2895) at my school and i joined the club right there and then i was quickly promoted to team lead programmer because of my dedication and enthusiasm. That’s when i really got into writing code i quickly discovered PHP and started creating websites. Then in 2014 apple released their new programming language called Swift and i started to learn about IOS app development. While i was learning Swift i got promoted to the captain of the Robotics team at my High School. I also helped created a program at my High School called MouseSquad which was essentially jobs for tech savvy kids at my high school. In MouseSquad the kids help other student and teachers who are not so savvy with technology and while doing that the kids where making money. So that’s just a bit or maybe more about myself. Feel free to contact me.

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KickFlickz is a brand new app for Sneaker heads where you can rate other users posts about shoes and even follow them. You also have a option where you can message a user 1 to 1. KickFlickz also has a feature where you can buy and sell shoes. We also have a Release Calendar where you will be able to see when a shoe is coming out. We also have a monthly raffle where users will get a chance of winning some expensive shoes like YEEZY BOOST 750, We Also have a page where users will be able to post there shoe pictures and check if shoes shoes are real or fake. We Have a bunch of more features which you can unlock by buying the VIP For only $4.

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ShareAnIdea - A Social Networking app for Thinkers

Do you have an idea which you want to share with the world well this app is just for you. Download it now and post your ideas and who knows maybe someone might look at it and make it a reality.

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I'M Famous - A Fun little prank app

Ever wanted to look socially famous well this app is just for you.

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A Website For FIRST Robotics Team 2895

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