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Hi There I'm Afnan Mirza a 17 year old guy who loves to make IOS and WEB applications. I'm currently in high school waiting to graduate in June 2017. I Also love to use apple products to do any sort of work other than gaming. Below you can find some of the projects that i am or have been working on. Thank you for visiting my website.

IOS Projects (IPhone Projects)

ShareAnIdea IOS App

ShareAnIdea - A Social Networking app for Thinkers

Do you have an idea which you want to share with the world well this app is just for you. Download it now and post your ideas and who knows maybe someone might look at it and make it a reality.

I'M Famous IOS App

I'M Famous - A Fun little prank app

Ever wanted to look socially famous well this app is just for you.

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